Private / individual Counseling

Come October 2016, we are introducing a new service in response to need and requests. We are providing Professional Counseling in four main areas - Anxiety, Adolescent Pains, Care Giving and Work Issues.

At SEL Network, we do not see you as the problem , instead we see you as having a trying situation. We do not seek to probe the past to understand you. We want to understand your story or narrative in life and help you live the preferred story.

We do a pre Counseling session and a contract of six sessions of 50 min each. In some cases referrals will be made. Our fees for this are $1000.

Contact Andrew at 98200904 or email for more details.

Payment options

1.Bank cheque crossed and addressed to 'The SEL Network LLP' sent to 39 Aida Street Singapore 459964 ( please write name of person attending and Organization on the back of the cheque)
2. Interbank Giro (SEL 2010A)
3. Interbank Transfer (UOB Account 375 302 804 6)