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Looking Within


The heart of the matter

• What motivates her despite her disability?
• Does she stay optimistic?
• Is she ‘real’ when in the presence of others?

Knowing Yourself

• Knowing yourself is always about self-awareness
• Self-awareness looks into the way one thinks, feels and acts
• Self-awareness compares habitual reactions against intentional reactions
• Self-awareness reveals hidden fears and apprehensions

Knowing Yourself

• When we become self-aware, we also recognize patterns and are better at articulating our emotional state
• Self-awareness helps us accept our own qualities and faults, our emotions and experiences
• Self-awareness gives the option to choose our responses to our thoughts, feelings and actions

I need a volunteer
• How did it feel when asked to volunteer?
• What was your initial reaction?
• Did you consider others first before deciding?

Our three most common reactions


Thinking Feeling Action



• A pattern is a repetitive thought resulting in an action
• The action/thought may have either positive or negative repercussions
• We may be oblivious to the pattern developing

Three Questions about Patterns

Masking(from the outside in)
• What mask do you present to the outside world?
• What do you do so they will believe this mask is true?
• What do you want them to think of you?

Masking (from the inside out)

• What do you want your mask to hide?
• What do you do so they won’t see behind your mask?
• What are you afraid they will see?

Ian Poulier


The Emotional Approach


Folktales of Pakistan

The traditional art of storytelling has taken on a new dimension with the aid of the computer

The Essence of the Story

What lesson has this  for us today?

• The world is in need of connections

• The lessons of the past are still relevant

• The challenge is how to make it relevant


Counseling today

• How effective is counseling today?

• Do we understand the world, the culture of our clients?

• Are we meeting the needs of our clients?

Connecting with their world


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