Our Associate Consultant:

Ian Poulier's 12 years of experience in government school and private school settings as a counsellor have equipped him with knowledge and understanding of the psyche of students both local and international. Ian believes that the process is more important than the destination, especially in a world where finding quick solutions are the desired norms. Ian believes in understanding the culture and the world of the youth he assist. Understanding their culture and using their strengths will empower youth to reach their best potential. Every youth has the potential to succeed; Ian believes that once a young person is emotionally aware of him/herself, that youth will then be in a better position to make positive choices of growth. This EQ approach to counselling is the bedrock of how Ian attends to each young person's need. Having been trained in Social and Emotional Intelligence, Ian believes that the EQ approach is the better approach of developing resilient youths and leaders of tomorrow. He never fails to be part of workshops, seminars and conferences, when time permits, that adheres to developing a person holistically.  Ian has spoken at various functions and levels, from polytechnic to parent -teacher network sessions, even appearing on radio as the host of TEEN TALK on 93.8 LIVE to address contemporary adolescent issues. A pleasant, patient and endearing personality, his warmth and humour will immediately melt any barriers of disengagement and put the client at ease.

Our Advisors:

Amy is a Senior Consultant and one of Six Seconds’ Advanced Practitioners and Master Trainers. She is highly experienced in emotional intelligence development and specializes in ongoing projects helping educational and community organizations support children and families to co-create a positive future. Drawing on a background in public health and counseling, Amy continues to train teams from agencies and nonprofits so that they can effectively meet their mission and support children and families to be fully successful. She is also actively engaged with schools and community organizations to implement emotional intelligence programs.

Chan Kai Yau is a distinguished educationalist. His initial degree in Mathematics put him in good stead to oversee work in schools and later the Ministry of Education, Singapore where he served as Director. His guidance in shaping and implementing policy in the 70’s and 80’s was crucial in ensuring successful educational outcomes. He was also the ASEAN Secretariat for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations as well as Chairman, Council of Institute of Education. Now in retirement and a Justice of Peace, he solemnizes marriages and is a much sought after speaker for functions and events.

Payment options

1.Bank cheque crossed and addressed to 'The SEL Network LLP' sent to 39 Aida Street Singapore 459964 ( please write name of person attending and Organization on the back of the cheque)
2. Interbank Giro (SEL 2010A)
3. Interbank Transfer (UOB Account 375 302 804 6)